New Single on Vinyl, Wimp and Spotify – Let Me Say Goodbye

Last week we released a new single both digitally and on vinyl. The vinyl version contains two songs – I’ll Cross the Line and Let Me Say Goodbye. In Let Me Say Goodbye we attempted to capture the mood and feeling of the small hours of the morning right before dawn. One person is watching the other one sleep, is completely in love with that person but knows the relationship will not last and it is to come to an end. And therefore he is careful not to awake the other person because waking will mean separation and he would like these moments, when the love is strongest, to last before the sunlight enters the room. He needs some strength to stay calm and savor what he has. It is like a prayer to be able to say goodbye to something that is very hard to let go of.

I usally don’t speak very much about the contents of the songs I write – but in this one I think what I wrote and the way I wrote the melody is pretty close to how I felt about the subject. I worked very hard to have the rhythm of each line show the tentativeness and delicacy that I had experienced when I was in the situation I described above.

Well, I will let you be the judge of whether we were able to pull it off or not. You can hear the song in the following places:

Wimp: here.
Spotify: here.

And you can buy the vinyl 7 inch version of the single through this website or in Oslo at Big Dipper Records and The Garden, and in Bergen at Appollon Records.

RMHC single_14-11.2


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