Great time at Rockefeller and our single is available at Big Dipper Records

Thanks to everyone who came out and saw us at Rockefeller last Friday, and thanks to Sven at Ramble On who made it possible. We had a great time playing there for the first time as a band and it was a pleasure to play our music for you.

Our new single Take a Look at My Heart, Today/The Knife (in beautiful 7″ vinyl with download codes) is available for sale at Big Dipper Records, Oslo’s number one record store for vinyl. Head on down to Møllergata 1 and you’ll find it there.

More photos from the concert are to come.


Single Release January 11th

In connection with playing at Rockefeller January 11th in support of Paal Flaata, we are going to release the singe Take a Look at My Heart, Today/The Knife in a 7 inch vinyl limited edition of 250 copies. Each copy will have a download code in it and can be purchased at the show. Below is the design of it by Kjetil Falkum Løvik.

Single front cover



Breaking into rhyme!

Yes! We are playing Mono as a part of their Lørdagsgodt, and we are very happy about it. So happy I think I am going to break into rhyme.

Yo! It’s free to get in
and we’re gonna make your head spin!
What do you think this is child ?
we ain’t playin’ no vinn eller forsvinn!
When you begin
to grin
…well, only a fool would keep it tucked in!
So, Who’s all in?