Robert Moses and the Harmony Crusaders

In early January we are going to begin recording our next release at Subsonic Society Studio here in Oslo. Our co-producers will be Anders Møller (Kåre and the Cavemen, Euroboys) and Spellemanns Pris nominated Torgeir Waldemar. We are very excited about working with these two very talented musicians. And, we received some funding from FFUK (the Norwegian Fund for Performing Artists)! The album should be released in the autumn of 2016 on Voices of Wonder Records with touring to follow.

You can now find out music digitally on Tidal, Spotify and iTunes by clicking here.


We have just won an award for the Independent Music Awards in the category of Alt. Country Album! Link to winners and judges here.

Our first review for the album is in and we got a 5 out of 6 from Øyvind Rønning at Dagbladet! Read the full online, in-depth review here.

Great news! Øyvind also included us in his year’s Top Ten Records for 2013. See what great company we are in here.

Another great review from Firdaposten, in which we got a 6 out of 6 here.

And another one from Dust of Daylight here.

Excellent live review from Dust of Daylight here.

You can order the album on iTunes here.

And you can order both the CD and Vinyl versions at Platekompaniet here.

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Robert Moses grew up in Chicago. But resides in Oslo, Norway. None of these locations explains Robert´s voice. A mystical musical instrument in itself, as unique as you are likely to hear this, or any, season. A wail that might have been echoing around the great American plains when both Indians and buffalo where plentiful and tape recorders would have been considered as dangerous as cameras, capable of stealing a person´s soul.

In the year 2014 the Indian jury is still out on both cameras and tape recorders, but in the interim Robert Moses and his band, the aptly named Harmony Crusaders, have spent long winter weekends at the small Kleiva Studio in the southeast Norwegian town of Halden to record an album of ten original Moses-songs. Yes, both the number ten and the name Moses has some historical connotations, but the first Moses never considered enlisting a proper band bringing forth his stoned messages. If he had, a lot things might have been different.

The Harmony Crusaders are an assembly of musicians fully capable of creating musical magic out of thin air. Lead by multi-instrumentalist Freddy Holm, doing multiple duties on dobro, mandolin, banjo, cello, fiddle, guitar and lap steel, The Harmony Crusaders tight and flexible grooves are handled by percussionist Glenn-Vidar Solheim and bassist Peer Mork-Knutsen. Ketil Kielland Lund colors the sound with keyboards, accordion and flugelhorn. Malin Pettersen sings duets with Robert.

Robert Moses has played with many bands in the US before arriving in Norway, but considers his Norwegian experiences an opportunity to “distill his music and approach into something essential, rhythmic and direct”.

His influences may well stretch all the way back to the days of Red Cloud, Geronimo and Crazy Horse, but along the way the sounds of early rock and roll and the country blues of Neil Young and Townes van Zandt have melded with the ancient.

Robert Moses and the Harmony Crusaders’ debut album was released in September of 2013 to great reviews and it eventually won a prestigious award in the US. The band thereafter embarked on the road also known as the  peace-path.

by Tom Skjeklesæther

The band:

Robert Moses – Vocals, guitar, songs
Anders Hofstad Sørås – Dobro, pedal steel, banjo, fiddle, guitar, lap steel
Malin Pettersen – Vocals
Terje Støldal – Bass
Glenn-Vidar Solheim – Percussion
Ketil Kielland Lund – Keyboards, accordion and flugelhorn